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Have you found yourself wondering why you ever decided to become a parent? Questioned how your beautiful baby who was so sweet and precious became a snarling, negative little narcissist? Most parents have felt this way on occasion. So what do you do about it?  Contact Counseling Connection.  We will work with them in counseling to determine why they react the way that they do when you simply ask them a question. We will discuss strategies for them to use to change their perception of negativity into something that more closely resembles a conversation. We will find out how you can better approach them to increase the chances that they cooperate without attitude. And most importantly find out how to hold them accountable for their actions in the most positive way possible. Our overarching goal is to mold them to more closely resemble that sweet family member again.

Relationship struggles?

Do you want more out of your relationship? Has there been a betrayal that you can’t get past? Are you tired of feeling unheard or unloved? In couples counseling we will discuss improving your communication, getting the love that you need, and recognizing individual differences. I believe these three areas can improve almost all marriages.


Do you want to tear your hair out because the many conversations you have had with your spouse haven’t improved your marriage? Or if they do, only temporarily? Do you not understand what your spouse is asking from you?

Counseling Connection

will help you to talk to your spouse so that they hear you and are more willing to follow through.


Are you not getting what you need to feel loved? So many of us show love the way that we want, not what our spouse wants. In couples counseling we will figure out what makes both individuals feel loved and appreciated and what the other can do to provide that.


Discussing your past/present issues will help us determine in counseling how to improve your relationship for the long-term so that both of you are happy and fulfilled. This might be determining how each of you think and react differently to situations. By figuring out how to stop ‘assuming’ or ‘perceiving’ your significant other’s behaviors, you can see situations more clearly.

Individual Empowerment

Ever had a great idea only to doubt yourself and give up on it? Do you have someone in your life that doesn’t seem to encourage you as you would like? Are you mentally and/or physically overwhelmed with life?

Contact Counseling Connection

to improve your outlook and empower you to do whatever you want.


Women often put everyone else before themselves only to realize that their efforts aren’t appreciated. Counseling will help you to recognize that your mental and physical wellbeing should be your priority. When you put yourself first, you feel more confident and have more energy; thus, you are a better employee, wife, or mom. It seems counterproductive but many women won’t do things for themselves without having that connection back to what is important to them.


We find that working with women is very rewarding as they truly realize that what they want is actually very important. Conversely, when they feel more confident in themselves and their talents, others often notice and begin to respect them more. This phenomena has been seen over and over in counseling.

Counseling Connection recognizes that often situations are much more involved and don't fit into a

'typical' mold. We will work hard to understand what you want to work on to

achieve your goals in a skilled, efficient, and solution-focused manner.

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